Dr Bill Bye

Bill is a Staff Specialist Gastroenterologist at Prince of Wales Hospital and has lectured at the University of New South Wales and Notre Dame University medical schools.

He completed his Gastroenterology training at Prince of Wales and St Vincent’s Hospitals. He completed a fellowship in Inflammatory Bowel Disease at John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, United Kingdom. He has published articles in international peer reviewed medical journals on Inflammatory Bowel disease. He was the recipient of the Gastroenterology Society of Australia Travelling Scholarship award in 2015.

Bill has a particular interest in high quality patient care, and providing excellent services in colonoscopy, gastrointestinal cancer screening and IBD.

Private Room Details

Alexandria Specialist Day Hospital

Level 2
15 Bowden St
Alexandria NSW 2015
Call (02) 8372 3260

Gastroenterology Private rooms

Suite 17, Level 7
Prince of Wales Private Hospital, Barker Street
Randwick NSW 2031
Call (02) 9099 4400