Dr Alejandra Izurieta

Alex is a fertility specialist with a focus on helping women from conception to delivery, with a range of fertility treatment options for women who have trouble conceiving. This includes understanding the menstrual cycle, regulating ovulation, insemination (the timing and placement of concentrated sperm at the most fertile time of the month), sophisticated IVF (ICIS) and other advanced sperm, egg and embryo selection provided by IVF Australia.

Alex’s practice also extends to assessing and investigating menstrual disorders in adolescents, while minimising their impact on patients’ quality of life. She provides continuity of care from conception to birth and is capable, competent and calm in highly emotional situations.

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Private Room Details

IVFAustralia Kogarah

Suite 15, Level 3, St George Private Hospital
Kogarah NSW 2217
Call (02) 8567 6955

Randwick - ALANA Healthcare for Women

48-50 St. Pauls Street
Randwick NSW 2031
Call (02) 9009 5255